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Admissions Process
Applications for The Paul Center Extended School Year summer camp program are available upon request
after January 15th of the program year.  Applications can be requested by school districts, human service
agencies and individual families.  We strongly encourage families to work with the Pupil Placement Team of
their child's school throughout the admissions process.
Students who attended the program the previous summer are initially given priority for appropriate
openings.  To be given priority,  returning students must have their completed application returned by
the date indicated on the cover letter accompanying the application.

Completed applications for new students are reviewed by the admissions committee on an "open rolling
date basis." Admission into the program will not be considered until the completed application with
supporting materials are submitted to The Paul Center.  The following factors are used in determining
acceptance into the program:

  • Completed application
  • Copy of current signed Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)
  • Most recent Progress Report
  • Summer goals identified in either the IEP or an amendment
  • Physical exam and immunization record
  • An intake interview for new students
  • Appropriateness of our program in meeting the student's needs
  • Staffing requirements to meet the student's needs
  • Available space
  • Rank order by date the completed application is received at The Paul Center
  • Confirmation of program funding by the school system or other source