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Academic Readiness

Academic Readiness is designed to address the specific goals identified from the student's
Individual Education Plan (IEP). Time is spent on reinforcing existing skills and seizing the
"teaching moment" to introduce new skills when appropriate.

Communication and Group Skills

Communication and interaction are very important life skills.  This curriculum area has as it's
focus the development or extension of communication skills.  Following directions, sharing,
taking turns and making appropriate choices are part of this curriculum component.  Every
activity is a planned experience.  For example, in a game of word bingo, or in the sandbox or
kickball game, there is always a skill to be learned or reinforced.
Activities of Daily Living

Skills which are a part of every individual's life are introduced and developed during these
sessions.  Tasks may include dressing, grooming and hygiene, self care, organization skills and
eating.  Activities are led by pod staff and are scheduled as part of the pod's daily activities.