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A variety or enrichment activities are scheduled to augment the instruction design under the direction of the
classroom teacher.  The following activities are offered:
Enrichment Activities
Adapted Physical Education

Adapted Physical Education naturally stresses gross motor and physical coordination,
visual-motor perception and sensory integration.  It also teaches interactive plan by developing
game guidelines, following directions, taking turns, group participation, and appropriate
competitive behavior.
The World Around Us

Exploring the world, incorporating fine and gross motor skills, sensory integration, listening,
communication, and tactile and visual perceptual skills.
Art Expression

Art Expression fosters creativity and self esteem and helps students with fine and gross motor
skills, eye-hand coordination, sensory motor integration, color, shape and pattern recognition
and reinforcement, communication, following directions, sharing, making choices, attending to
tasks and task completion.  Art projects introduce students to a large variety of tactile and
visual materials and often use re-cyclables or materials reflecting our outdoor environment to
enhance student awareness of the world around them.
Water Safety and Swimming

Motor skills and sensory integration are very much a part of the skills development at the pool.  
Auditory and visual receptive skills are emphasized as students learn water safety skills.  
During pool sessions, the classroom staff helps students with motor skills, following directions,
ADL's, communication, and social/interaction skills in addition to basic water skills and safety
under the guidance of the program lifeguards.
Music and Movement Expression