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39 Concord Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824
Instruction is monitored by an Administrative Team consisting of the Executive
Director, Educational Administrator and Curriculum Supervisors.  Instructional Staff
are Massachusetts licensed teachers assisted by paraprofessionals and college
students majoring in related fields.  Staff is required to complete an orientation to
the program as well as in-service education during the summer session.
Administration Building
Brian Landers
Brian Reidy
George Dixon
Pam Anastasi
Board of Directors
Christopher Landers
Richard Gorton
Ralph Hickey
Svea Hall
Graeme Hall
Becky Ruel
Sarah Mosher
Liz Harkins
Steven Ovalle, Executive Director
Irene LePage, Bookkeeper
Michele Saba, Administrative Assistant
Patti Landers, Administrative Assistant
Walt Tice, Facilities Manager
Our Administration Staff:
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