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The Paul Center Extended School Year (ESY) Program serves students, ages 4 to 21, who have moderate
to severe developmental and cognitive disabilities.  The program provides the summer/extended year
component of the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) for students meeting the criteria for this specific
groups will be guided by the chronological age of the student, the student's learning needs, and expected
that there will be some differences in learning styles and needs within each group.

The Learning Module is the primary unit of instruction throughout the program.  Specifically identified goals
from student IEPs will be used in the planning of instruction.  Curriculum Supervisors, licensed Special
Education Teachers, will be responsible for oversight of the implementation of instruction consistent with
the stated summer goals in student IEPs and student profiles.  Group teachers, under the direction of
Curriculum Supervisors, develop lesson plans to meet the communication, cognitive, fine and gross motor,
social, and behavioral needs of the students in the group.  Staff Members stay with their students
throughout the program day to provide program consistency and follow through.  Learning Modules take
place in the program area best suited to meet the goals of the lesson at hand, including the cabin areas,
the Barrett Student Center, or other sites on the program grounds.
ESY Program Overview