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Extended School Year Program

The Paul Center's outdoor environment makes this program a unique,
non-traditional educational program that is appropriately structured to encourage
each student to explore the world of learning.
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Camp Paul (Overnight Camp)

Camp Paul Overnight is a week long overnight recreational camping experience for
challenged young people who can participate in activities and games, care for their
personal hygiene needs and help make choices for the daily program.
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Saturday Respite Care

This program provides respite care for the families of participants and is open to
young people ages 6 - 21 years.  A variety of on-site leisure activities are
provided.   Program plans are geared to foster choice, decision making skills and
group inter-action.  Among the many leisure activities provided are games, crafts,
cooking, music, reading, and outdoor activities. Participants arrive at 9:00 am and
depart at 3:00 pm.  

School Vacation Program

Provides a structured alternative for students during school vacations.  The goals
of the program are to provide recreational activities, work on the activities of daily
living and social skills.  On site activities include cooperative games, reading, visual
art expression, and outdoor activities weather permitting.  Additional off-site
activities include bowling, movies, and when available; swimming, and gym activities.
The School Vacation Program runs during December, February, and April Vacation
weeks from 8:30am - 4:00pm
Transition Program

The Saturday Transition Program is designed to foster independence, provide
opportunities to practice skills of daily living as well as to initiate various social
interactions both in on-campus situations and in interacting with the surrounding
community. The Transition Program will also give the students exposure and
experience to marketable skills as they transition from youth to early adulthood. This
program is open to students and young adults ages 14 and older with disabilities.